Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm home dude!!! Yeah!!!

Hi there, I really hope everyone is doing well.

There must be a reason for something, aight? hehe... That's why there was a word saying "Home Sweet Home"... it's indeed true that being at home is so wonderful, can't describe the feeling when u go back and jump on your bed and felt asleep straight away. :)
Yup, I'm home and just finished having sahur with my family just now.

It's like two more days to go before Raya. Cepat betul masa berlalu kan? Kalau dah nak dekat raya, maksudnya tak lama lagilah nak ke hospital. Then, 3 weeks for the attachment won't be too long as well, and semester 7 ends. That's it. Cuti 5 minggu then start a new semester, my final semester. Seriously? :) Yay!!!

Eh, cakap pasal benda ni pulak. Actually I've a story to share, as I promised in my last post. Remember? Seriously I don't know if I should talk about it or not. But, this is what blog is created for, right. Hurrmmm...

I had a little quarrel with one of my bestfriend, not the same bestfriend I mentioned before in one of my posts, the another one. It's about few weeks before, but the condition has been back to normal. hehe... Bukan apa, malam tu I saw him sent his gf back to the college and he straight away went back. I was expected he might see me, but he actually didn't. I don't know, maybe becauseI was standing at corridor yang agak gelap tu kot? Tapi, after that, I messaged him saying that he forget his friends since couple ni. hehe... Provoking sikit! He replied me and was saying that he didn't know I was there and he said sorry for that. But he offended with my words pasal gf tu. hehe... I was only joking when I said it, but, I don't know, maybe it's something serious and sensitive issue for him.

Frankly, I was offended too initially when he didn't see me, which caused me to send the SMS. Firstly, because I didn't see him since the puasa started, it's about 3 weeks. So, suddenly I felt excited to see him. Itu yang expect dia nampak tu.
Secondly, I felt like being isolated. It's fine with me if he wants to go out with his gf, but when he does not, he stay at home, spend his time with his housemates (used to be mine). Then, when ever I ask him to go out, he will be with his gf. Tapi, bila dia tak keluar dengan gf, tak ada pun dia rasa to ask me to hang out together. Dahlah dia tahu yang tak ada siapa lagi yang I can ask for kalau nak ajak keluar pergi mana-mana. Atleast, buka puasa sama-sama ke? Bukan nak salahkan dia, mungkin cuma terlepas pandang. Kalau dia tak buka puasa dengan gf dia, dia buka puasa kat rumah. Bukannya salah pun, tapi, Cue ni pun kan member dia jugak. Sekali tu, buka puasa sama-sama pun ok jugak. Bukannya Cue tak pernah ajak, tapi wrong-timing je selalu. Cue cuma rasa benda tu tak unfair la. Tapi, bila Cue cakap macam tu, dia kata Cue pulak yang tak tahu hargai member... Waaa..... tak pernah pun rasa sekeji tu, nak lupa jasa orang kat Cue.

Yup, seriously, I still don't know how should I show and express my concern for my friends and it seemed like everything I do is wrong! *sigh*
That day, another friend marah sebab Cue tanya siapa classmates dia yang kena pergi community service sebab datang lambat class Dr. Wong. Betul-betul ingat benda tu, semua budak class dia dah tahu, kalau tak, mustahil Dr. Wong boleh announce dalam class Cue pulak, kalau dah confidential sangat. And more importantly, Cue memang expect yang lima orang tu yang kena, sebab tu lah Cue tanya, nak confirmation je. Sebab Cue dah tahu sangat yang dorang tu memang suka datang class lambat. Tanya sebab concern kat yang 5 lima tu, bukan sebab nak hummiliate sesiapa. salah ke?

Cue tak tahulah macam mana sekarang, bila Cue try to be positive, tak nak pikir yang bukan-bukan, dorang lak yang tak nampak. Bila buat perangai nanti, cakap Cue tak pandai hargai kawan-kawan, tak pandai jaga perasaan orang. tsk...tsk...tsk...

Berpeluh nak habiskan satu post ni, amik masa 2 hari nak habiskan. hehe...
Macam mana pun, today is the last day Ramadhan, esok would be Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
So, di kesempatan ini, dengan kerendahan hati, Cue nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin kepada family, saudara-mara, kawan-kawan dan semua yang mengenali Cue. Harap maafkan segala kesilapan yang Cue pernah terbuat kat korang semua.
Have a happy raya and jangan naughty2 raya ni... :P

Salam Aidilfitri, till the next post...

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  1. Hepi eid Cue..
    No worries lah.. Kawan memang selalu begitu..
    Kadang2 kiter pun begitu jua.. ^^
    Sabar, and live happily..